Visual Sequential Memory Teaching Material

Researchers have estimated that eighty (80) percent of all learning takes place through the eye (Ferrald & Schamber 1971) with visual memory existing as a crucial aspect of learning.

Students who have not developed visual memory skills frequently experience difficulty in remembering or recognizing words previously taught and visualizing the appearance of words for reading, writing and spelling.  As a result these students fail to develop a good sight vocabulary, and frequently experience serious writing and spelling difficulties.  Achieve was designed to develop visual memory by teaching students how to note the details of words, view words in terms of common word parts or syllables, and then recall what they have seen. 

Scientists have revealed that in our short-term memory we can hold approximately six units of information. They have also concluded that the more related to each other the bits of information are, the more likely that they are to be retained as a single unit of information (Hittleman 1979). For example, the letters y a p p h will be retained as five separate units of information while the rearrangement of these letters into meaningful units, or syllables hap py will cause them to be retained as two related units making up a meaningful whole.

ACHIEVE: A Visual Memory Program offers a systematic approach for the vision training of working memory that has long been sought after by concerned classroom, reading and special education teachers as well as homeschooling parents everywhere. It is an extremely helpful source for children with learning disabilities as well as gifted children. 

NOTE: Achieve: A Visual Memory Program levels I& II (Grades 1-3) and levels III & IV (Grades 4-6) can now be purchased in two volume sets. Levels I & II are ideal for beginning readers and make an outstanding addition to basic reading programs.



Price For The FOUR (4) VOLUME SET Levels I-IV- $79.95

Also Sold Separately in Two (2) volume sets:
 Levels I & II (Grades 1-3)- $43.95
 Levels II & IV (Grades 4-6)- $43.95

Each two volume set includes two (2) volumes that expand visual memory letter spans at an increasing level and include a total of two hundred (200) presentation cards. 

In addition an expanded program of  Achieve: A Visual Memory Program Levels V & VI is now available. 

Achieve V & VI developmentally present vocabulary at a 7th and 8th grade level and expand visual memory to a sixteen letter span while helping students to expand their spelling of multisyllable words as well as their understanding of the meanings of words. Suitable for students in grades 7-adult and an excellent teaching tool for redeveloping the visual memory of stroke patients. 


Levels V & VI (2 VOLUME SET)

     Instructor's Manual and a complete list of Word Definitions.

Price for Achieve (Grades 7 & 8 ) Two (2) Volume Set Levels V & VI-$43.95 
This highly effective teaching material is designed to teach visual sequential memory of letters and words, to develop a solid sight vocabulary and to recall the appearance of words for spelling. It is an excellent program to help all children to expand their ability to retain terms for basic subjects such as history and science and to assist children in developing the ability to hold longer and longer series of letters in their minds, thus improving their copying skills.  Achieve is easy to administer in 10-15 minute sessions.  Statistical results of this program have been outstanding with students improving 60% in their visual recall letter span after completing just the first four levels. Levels I-IV increase visual memory from a 3 to a 13 letter span.  Levels V & VI  increase the span to a 16 letter level.  Achieve was designed for developmental and/or remedial use.  It improves visual memory for all students.

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