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"Ms. Cusimano has made a valuable contribution to clarifying some of the complexities surrounding learning disabilities.  The text that she has produced is very easy to read with many personal accounts that substantiate Ms. Cusimano's points of emphasis........This book was refreshing as a tool that brings simplification to an area that is often presented in a sophisticated manner, not to be understood by laymen."

 Deborah Schadler, PhD, Coordinator of Undergraduate Special Education -Gwynedd-Mercy College
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About the Author:

Addie Cusimano, an educational therapist with more than thirty-five years of experience working as a diagnostician, clinician, researcher and teacher shares her findings on educating children from learning disabled (dyslexic) to gifted. Written in an easy to read format, Ms. Cusimano, a reading specialist, discusses various facets of basic skills and learning skills that are lacking in our educational curriculums.  In her books she presents the learning skills that all children must develop in order to learn with ease, and explains what parents and educators can do to help develop these skills. Her premise is that children with a learning disability can and should be cured at an elementary level, and that the best reading approach is one that incorporates many more facets of learning than are presently taught. Her book includes eye-opening information on reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, auditory memory (listening), visual memory (visual sequencing and recall), visual perception, auditory perception, eye-hand coordination, study skills, the best reading approach and practical techniques for developing these skills.
"Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure is a wonderful source for all teachers, school psychologists and college students who are in a teacher training program."
Judy Higgins-Director of Counselors, School Psychologists and Social Workers  PA

Note: Besides being helpful to parents, educators and physicians, this book provides an excellent resource for teacher workshops as well as teacher training courses.
" Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure and the teaching materials that Addie Cusimano has designed for the teaching of specific learning skills such as visual discrimination, visual memory, and auditory memory are easy to use, yet trremendously effective for children who are home schooled. What a find!"
Homeschooling Parent in Pa
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Learning Disabilties: There is a Cure
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Learning a Foreign Language and The Best Mathematics Approach 
as well as updates on reading.
 Statistical reports indicate that 2.7 million children nationwide have been identified as learning disabled, and that fifty percent of all high school drop-outs are learning disabled. Based on her research, work and success with students from pre-school to college age, in her new book entitled, Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure, Addie Cusimano shares her findings on helping children with learning problems. Her most important finding is that with concentrated remediation that includes work for the development of specific learning skills along with basic skills, learning disabled children can be taught to learn just like any other child. She claims that learning disabilities does not have to be a life-long problem, and that with the right kind of remediation these students can go on to high school and college without having to struggle with a disability. In addition, Ms. Cusimano makes a case for including the formal instruction of specific learning skills within our basic curriculum for students in grades kindergarten through grade three so that all students, learning disabled and those who are not, would be better equipped to work at their potential level. 

Ms. Cusimano discusses approaches that work best for all students, the importance of formally teaching specific learning skills, and offers many valuable teaching techniques and strategies for the teaching of all basic skills. This revised second edition includes two new comprehensive chapters with information on the teaching of foreign languages and mathematics as well as updated details on the teaching of reading. 

Written in an easy to read format, Ms. Cusimano book provides solutions for educators, parents and professionals, while offering a refreshing and assured method for the solution to serious academic concerns.


"This book sheds new light on what is needed to greatly improve the academic level of students, from learning disabled (dyslexic) to those who are not classified as learning disabled, and dramatically lower the high school drop-out rate. It is a book that parents, educators (pre-school through college), and physicians who work with students with learning problems will want to read. It is also an excellent source for teacher training courses and workshops."
From the Publisher

Learning Disabilities: There Is A Cure by educator Addie Cusimano (a specialist in the field of reading) is an instructional guide specifically written for parents, educators, and physicians concerning practiced and proven techniques to overcoming the extra challenges of dyslexia and other learning disorders that affect students across America. A first-rate consultation book drawn from an extensive field of practical experience and offering time-proven methods that work, Learning Disabilities is very highly recommended reading for anyone charged with the responsibility of educating a child with a learning barrier.

Learning Disabilities Association of California

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"As a school psychologist, it was frustrating to have so little to offer parents and teachers about how to help students strengthen specific areas of weakness which were found by the tests. The child has an auditory problem, a visual memory problem, etc. Well, what can be done?

This book helps parents and teachers answer this question promoting specific learning strategies. The revision offers more details about teaching reading in addition to applying learning strategies to the teaching of foreign languages and mathematics. Learning how to learn is an area often overlooked in today's busy, test-oriented classrooms.

Some of the best teaching materials I've found are discussed in Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure including the author's teaching materials. Read the book for more about how these workbooks, developed from years of experience, meet specific needs of students. 

I'd give this one 6 stars if I could.

Retired School psychologist Betsy Lee, Ed. S. School Psychology
Learning Ability Books

“Addie Cusimano is convinced that learning disabilities can be prevented and cured. Her revised and expanded second edition of LEARNING DISABILITIES: THERE IS A CURE (2010),sets out to prove it to readers. Filled with statistical reports, research, and personal examples,she leads us from the sight approach to reading, through phonics, linguistic, whole language,and integrated programs to a more balanced approach. As an educational therapist, Ms.Cusimano not only discusses learning disabilities in depth (visual perception, visual memory,auditory perception, and auditory memory), as well as the remediation involved, but addresses embarrassment and frustration issues that follow in their wake. In addition, as an added bonus,she addresses handwriting skills, improving written expression, advanced thinking, study skills,math, and learning foreign languages!  As such, this book covers learners from pre-school throughcollege age, and learning disabled to gifted, focusing on specific skills and teaching techniques. I am recommending LEARNING DISABILITIES: THERE IS A CURE (2010) to my student teachers, as it presents solutions for their own students who are considered to be nonreaders.

Reviewed by:

Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg has earned a reputation as one of America’s foremost educators. With nearly fifty years in the profession, her resume of coursework, teaching, advising, and speaking runs twelve pages. Under the title of teacher, Dr. Meinberg qualifies as a reading and language specialist, a mentor, librarian, adjunct professor, and now a supervisor of student teachers.
€œLearning Disabilities: There is a Cure, brought hope back into my life. For years I have been told that my son will improve but will always have dyslexia and may never read on his grade level.
I found this book to be a valuable tool at my son'€™s IEP meeting. I wanted to know how they were addressing his visual perception, visual memory, auditory perception and auditory memory. I learned that no matter how good the reading program is if my child is weak in these areas his reading skills will be hindered.
 I love the different ideas and tricks Mrs. Cusimano suggested in Chapter 10, €œThe Best Mathematics Approach€. We have now adopted these ideas in our home.
The Department of Education should have all administrators and teachers read this book. With hope once this book is read and curriculums are changed, then hopefully we would see a decrease in the 2.7 million public school students that have been identified as learning disabled.

I have recommended this book to friends, teachers, and administrators. It is an amazing book that has open up my eyes in so many areas of my child’s education.

It is an extremely easy book to read. While reading this incredible book I found myself laughing and at times crying over her students success stories. I thank Addie Cusimano for giving me hope again.

Josephine DiMaio-Cleary
Parent of child with dyslexia.

By definition, a learning disabled child is one who innately has an average to superior IQ with serious learning skill deficiencies that involve both the language and mathematics areas . Generally these children are working two to two and a half years below grade level. Dyslexia is a form of learning disabilities that involves the language areas only. A learning disabled  or dyslexic child is one , therefore, who has the innate potential to learn well. Educational therapist, Addie Cusimano, through her reseach and many years of concentrated work with learning disabled students attests that with the right kind of teaching techniques, and concentrated work for the development of basic skills as well as specific learning skills, these children can overcome their learning disability and "learn just like any other child." She shares her findings in her new book, Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure.
"I loved this book! As a parent, educational advocate for over 20 years and an author myself, I found the book filled with powerful up to date information, that parents of children with learning disabilities need to help their children. I wish I had read this book when my son Shaun was younger (he is a handsome 24 year old now), because a lot of the issues in this book apply to him. I especially liked the discussion about learning skill deficits and how important it is that these be addressed at the elementary school level, where appropriate remediation must be given for maximum results. I found the book to be filled with information such as about the VAKT approach for Reading (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile), importance of encouragement, as well as specific information about remediation for learning skill deficits.
I loved the fact that the author covered the importance of scientifically based research in curriculums, used to teach children with and without disabilities, including those with learning disabilities.
The best part of the book is the hope given to thousands of parents that Learning Disabilities can be cured; no matter what special education personnel in your school district say! Great Job! "

Jo Ann Collins, Mother of two learning disabled adults
Author of Disability Deception 2007

"I cannot thank you enough for writing Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure. I have attempted to understand my son's disability by speaking for over a year with school psychologist, special ed & reg ed teachers and friends to no avail.  Finally I came across your book at my local library.  It was as if this book had been written for me.  Simple enough for me to understand my son's disability.  They way others explain was just too technical.  Everyone did attempt to help me comprehend but your book was the only book that came through clearly.  When I read the chapter on Visual Perception, I knew immediately that this was my son's problem; however I did not get that from the ER from school.  You cannot imagine the emotions I felt for finally understanding that this was one of his disabilities.  Finally an explanation for why he make mistakes with small words that are similar.

Your former students were very fortunate to have had you as a teacher.   I can only hope to find someone like you to help my son.

I also recommended it to our school psychologist who advised she would recommend it to parents."

Thank you from Lina R., Pa parent
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